Wild Exhibition

Wild Design Fab Lab

The power of production equipment is decentralized and various creative ideas of design are thought up! Designers and most people can utilize digital fabrication tools such as 3D printer and laser cutter to change the manufacturing process formerly limited by large enterprises to stimulate lighter and more common design innovation. Innovation is also used for creating more possibilities to make fabrication tools; manufacturing is no longer the preserve of a few people and a maker liberation movement has begun.

The Wild Period – Design for Survivability

Living in cities makes people think about a future of cultures, rules, progress and the expectation of a better tomorrow. Beneath the façade of the stable and regular living constraints of the world, conflicts and dangers arise. Natural and man-made disasters turn daily codes into waste and morality becomes the last line of defense. The only purpose is survival. The Wild Period is a response to environmental, ecological and social problems, as well as natural disasters which the world is facing. Designers demonstrate the untamed instinct of adaptability for design in the wildest environment.

Design, Ho Yeh! - International Contemporary Poster Exhibition

Almost 200 Posters of nearly 90 designers and companies from 21 countries or regions are collected for the exhibition to present a new vision of international contemporary graphic design. Focusing on important issues including social system, race, class, environmental disasters and female status, designers show how to utilize design to consciously unleash the wild energy that is not tamed by the system.