Wild Design Fab Lab


“The Economist” describe Digital Fabrication causes another wave of industrial revolution and twisting the consumption practice because of digital fabrication, it generates detour and variable in the process of problem solving of designer.

Facing daily life, in the age of handy digital fabrication, entering the laboratory of fabrication, designer starts thinking about life, from life to design, creates and design something about life through out the process of repeating design and build.

The structure of this exhibition based on four elements of our daily life: Clothing, Food, Shelter, Transportation, all works are creates with digital fabrication. And even extend digital fabrication by collaborating with traditional craftsmanship, explore the new form of fabrication and design process.

Machines manufactured by local cooperate is also a strong injection to designer who are working with digital fabrication technique, it shows the power of local maker. Local young talent is getting mature by applying digital fabrication into their design, create and fabricate fantastic creative woks, it shows off the new and green power in the maker movement

Curator / Keith Lam, Dimension Plus

Co-curator / Kamm Kai Yu

Space Planning / MakerBar Taipei