The Wild Period

Design for Survivability

How does Design create a beautiful world in the wild?

In 2015, Taiwan has faced water shortage, air pollution, natural disasters and food safety issues; meanwhile, the world is severely challenged by climate change, resource shortages, global refugee crisis and the spread of communicable diseases. Humans are thrown into an unstable wild world.

Living in cities usually makes people think about a future of cultures, rules, progress and the expectation of a better tomorrow. However, beneath the façade of the stable and regular living constraints of the world, conflicts and dangers arise. Natural and man-made disasters turn daily codes into waste and morality becomes the last line of defense. The only purpose is survival.

2015 Kaohsiung Design Festival - The Era of Wildness focuses on environmental, ecological and living problems and natural disasters that the world is facing. It considers how can a city design festival more closely follow trends of daily life and current issues and then find out the responsibility and meaning given by design. Wildness represents starting from the bottom and rebuilding from the ashes of disasters; it shows domestic and foreign designers demonstrating the untamed instinct of adaptability for design under wild conditions including climate change, resource shortages, post-disaster problems, marginalization and disadvantaged groups.

Curatorial Team
The Pier-2 Art Center