2015 Kaohsiung Design Festival

Design Festival


Untamed Design
2015 Kaohsiung Design Festival

Untamed Fabrication, Untamed Environment, Untamed System
Vigorous design instincts are demonstrated in the era of wildness with meager resources and unbridled freedom.
Discover the unknown realm of design and see design flourish from Pier-2 and old Yancheng District to the entire city.

Kaohsiung Design Festival has gathered domestic and foreign designers to introduce the concept of city design with internationally aligned visions imbued with local features every year since 2008. It follows trendy perspectives of design according to the planning of previous festivals to continuously promote the unique aesthetics of Kaohsiung to the world.

Kaohsiung is linked to the world by surrounding seas and also has a close connection with the land and people. The maker movement, mass movements and environmental and social issues gradually develop and gain more attention with the ongoing of current events in 2014 and 2015. Design is always a part of these issues and so is Kaohsiung. In 2015, Kaohsiung Design Festival demonstrates the close connection between making and design, social and post-disaster design that had received much attention, and graphic design related to mass movements under the theme of Wild Design. This is essential for this local design movement to thrive in the port area of Kaohsiung and to drive the power of design into the entire city.

Wildness means the unknown field awaiting discovery. Wildness is the ability to remove restrictions and boldly pursue goals. Wildness is to insanely stimulate endless creative ideas. When most people still focus on Mainstream, Elite and Maturity, 2015 Kaohsiung Design Festival has defined its theme as Wildness and invited more than a hundred designers from over 22 countries to spread the power of design to old Yancheng District and the entire city to present Kaohsiung’s wildness, insanity and passion; discover the unknown realm of design and show the thriving force of design that exemplifies the 3 main topics, Wild Exhibition, Wildly Fun at Pier-2 and Wildly Fun in the City.

The First Topic - Wild Exhibition

The 3 themes of Untamed Fabrication, Untamed Environment and Untamed System, present graphic design related to the thriving maker movement in the world, the design thinking for survival as well as the struggle against the system.

The Second Topic - Wildly Fun at Pier-2

Wildness is an instinct. Let us be free and relaxed to leave our regular living style behind and regain the instinct of wildness with forums, workshops, maker show, independent music, design market and innovation spaces at Pier-2.

The Third Topic - Wildly Fun in the City

The spirit of Wildness flourishes everywhere.
Wildness guides you to follow innovation to visit streets from the old port area to the new downtown and from old stores to places for cultural innovation. Enjoy yourself by using the map to find the wild spirits from different corners and different generations across the city.